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Proto-Freelance Santa Fe San Bernardino Cooling Towers.

Proto-Freelance Westminster Asphalt Facility.

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Proto-Freelance  Santa Fe San Bernardino Pre-cooling Plant.

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Proto-Freelance High Desert Engine Maintenance Facility

Proto-Freelance High Sierra Logging

Green River Junction Railroad

What is modular railroading? A modular railroad layout is a portable, light weight, standardized railroad that is designed in sections. The Green River Junction Railroad is made up of numerous four feet by two feet bench work table tops that interconnect, constructed by each of its group members to the established standard. Each module contains an agricultural, light or heavy industry theme handled by the railroad to facilitate operations switching to mainline running.

What are the benefits of modular railroading? The primary benefit is that of space and cost. Most model railroaders do not have the room required to adequately operate large passenger or freight consists on large sweeping radius curves in HO scale. Benchwork, trackwork, electrical and power boosters, along with extensive scenery and buildings to outfit a layout involves considerable cost of money and labor time to install. With modular railroading, each group member builds a portion of the layout.  As the membership comes together for public shows or operating sessions, the layout becomes a long mainline with industry switching. Currently, the Green River Junction Railroad is twenty-eight by thirty-two feet with a yard in the center.

Prototypical model railroading is all about actual, both past and present, railroad operations from railroad equipment to railroad facilities.  Prototypical model railroading recreates the realism of an actual railroad to a high level degree of specific detail.  

However, modular railroading still involves limited space. Actual prototype design in facility and operation is not practical.  Modular railroad design considers what we call selective compression:  selected scenes, buildings and effects that are reduced in size, but captures the essence of the realism of the railroad facility and industry.  Like an artist on a canvas, our models depict what we refer to as “Proto-Freelance”, intelligent construction of essential components and space conception that visually tells a story.